Presenting the Together In Hope Choir!


The Together In Hope Choir joyfully voices and embodies the common call to healing and reconciliation. This community of premier artists from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area was selected through a rigorous audition process.  We are pleased to recognize these fine singers as members of the Choir:

Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses

Soprano 1

Alto 1

Tenor 1


Sarah Bassett-Kim Wendi Buck Jon Bidler Bjorn Arneson
Kristina Butler Katie Conlin Luke Healy Daniel Greco
Brenna Healy Elina Kala Donald Krubsack Tavis Morello
Mandy Johnson Courtney Keenan-Young Jamie Marshall Chris Nelson
Heather Nelson Krista J. Palmquist Brock Metzger Colin Rouser
Adriana Pohl Susan Hodges-Ramlet Jacob Sorrells Paul Wilson
Alyssa Serakos Marie Spar Dymit Mark Tiede
Eryn Tvete David O. Henderson



Soprano 2

Alto 2

Tenor 2

Bass 2

Ellen Christensen Krista Costin Zach Busch Eric Bartlett
Joanna Fulton Ingrid Elzey Christopher Damian Garrick Comeaux
Chloe Johnson Ashley Kidd-Tatge Patrick Johnson Dietrich Jessen
Brittany Kallman Arneson Amanda Laugerman Samuel F. Johnson Michael Phillips
Laura Olson Julia Mann William Thomas Mills Roshan N. Rajkumar
Meagan Phillips Sarah Tengblad Tucker Moore Benjamin Simmons
Naomi Christensen-Staruch Valerie Weaver Steve Staruch Matthew Tintes
Staci Cihlar Ariel Wilberg   Tom Witry
Brian Haase

Artistic Director

Regarded as a leading conductor and pedagogue in the United States and abroad, Professor Mark Stover shares his passion for people and building community through pursuing the highest levels of artistry. Beginning in September 2018, he began an appointment as associate director of choirs at the University of Michigan where he conducts the Men’s Glee Club and the University Choir, teaches undergraduate conducting, and serves as the conductor of the Michigan Youth Chamber Singers.

Professor Stover came to Ann Arbor from Northfield, Minnesota, home of Saint Olaf College, where he served on the music faculty as conductor of the St. Olaf Chapel Choir (SATB) and Viking Chorus (TTBB) while teaching conducting and a new course he designed entitled Music and Social Justice. Both of these choirs regularly appear in the annual St. Olaf Christmas Festival, a tradition held for over a century and regarded around the world as one of the great music festivals of the season.

Additionally, Stover served for multiple seasons as the artistic director of Magnum Chorum, a semi-professional choral ensemble of over 60 voices based in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Prof. Stover has led ensembles in Ukraine and France.  Upcoming guest engagements include the 2019 Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools in Singapore.

Stover was chosen to serve as co-conductor of the Together In Hope Choir’s performance at the inaugural concert of the 17th Annual International Festival of Sacred Music and Art in Rome in October 2018.

Prof. Stover holds degrees from St. Olaf College and Luther Seminary where he studied conducting and choral repertoire under the mentorship of Dr. Anton Armstrong and Dr. Paul Westermeyer.