Together In Hope Choir

The Together In Hope Choir was established in 2018 and is led by Artistic Director Mark Stover. This community of 60 premier artists from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area was selected through invited auditions. The Choir is noted for its artistically excellent and spiritually moving performances of “music with a purpose”.


Soprano 1

Sarah Bassett-Kim

Kristina Butler

Brenna Healy

Mandy Johnson

Heather Nelson

Adriana Pohl

Alyssa Serakos

Soprano 2

Ellen Christensen

Joanna Fulton

Chloe Johnson

Brittany Kallman Arneson

Laura Olson

Meagan Phillips

Naomi Christensen Staruch

Staci Cihlar


Alto 1

Wendi Buck

Katie Conlin

Elina Kala

Courtney Keenan-Young

Krista J. Palmquist

Susan Hodges-Ramlet

Marie Spar Dymit

Eryn Tvete

Alto 2

Krista Costin

Ingrid Elzy

Ashley Kidd-Tatge

Amanada Laugerman

Julia Mann

Sarah Tengblad

Valeria Weaver

Ariel Wilberg


Tenor 1

Jon Bidler

Luke Healy

Donald Krubsack

Jamie Marshall

Brock Metzger

Jacob Sorrells

Mark Tiede

David O. Henderson

Tenor 2

Zach Busch

Christopher Damian

Patrick Johnson

Samuel F. Johnson

William Thomas Mills

Tucker Moore

Steve Staruch



Bjorn Arneson

Daniel Greco

Tavis Morello

Chris Nelson

Colin Rouser

Paul Wilson


Eric Bartlett

Garrick Comeaux

Dietrich Jessen

Michael Phillips

Roshan N. Rajkumar

Benjamin Simmons

Matthew Tintes

Tom Witry

Brian Haase


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